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We all know our flaws, we get reminded of them on a daily basis every time we switch on the news. To counter this, Tumblr user Teaboot has supplied us with all the 'supporting evidence' that we need to show us that actually, looking from a more objective point of view, we are an adorable little species. Check out the list . “Kiss Number One: When a girl touches with her lips the lips of her Adorable One, but does not proceed further, it is either called a Nominal Kiss, a Pecking Kiss, or a NothingofaKiss, and it is not popular amongst the lovers of today because it is very boring. Kiss Number Two: When a girl is being kissed by her Adorable One. 4 Feb During a family game of hide-and-seek last year, Dan Iverson and his wife strapped a GoPro camera to their tiny toddler. They then hid themselves and watched the live stream on their phone while the toddler ran around looking for them. What resulted is the adorable 1-minute video above in which you see.


Found this cute puppies abandoned during one of my ride pointofview adorable

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